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Kick up a row

Thursday, June 21, 2018. Daily Brit Wit. Kick up a row: Phrase, British informal (also: make up a row) Make a noise or a commotion; make a vigorous protest. "Your lips stick to my skin like dried up honey sweet once upon a time when I was a damsel awaiting rescue high, locked away in a tower;… Continue reading Kick up a row



Wednesday, June 13, 2018. Daily Brit Wit. Aesthetic:  Adjective, noun Alternative spelling for esthetic. "When words slip out from cupid bow shaped lips darkening to bright red because I've kissed you senselessly I can't help but smirk head tilt as I take in the view: your curls are mussed wayward and erratic not unlike your… Continue reading Aesthetic



Friday, June 8, 2018. Daily Brit Wit. Champers:  Mass noun, British informal  Champagne. "She takes his hand stepping inside a fantasyland where dreams are dazzling sunshine tucked in a bottle with messages stuffed full little I-love-yous years and years to come; and ocean breezes rock the hammock a particular favourite reading nook or best place for… Continue reading Champers