Flash Fiction · How to be British

Public school

Thursday, November 23, 2017. Daily Brit Wit. Public school:  Noun In the U.K., a private for-fee secondary school. "Rumours are nasty business. Nearly ended up causing me quite the scandal. Last week, three months in to the new semester at public school and the odious, ordinary pedestrians are still as foul as ever. You have… Continue reading Public school

Flash Fiction · How to be British


Friday, November 17, 2017. Daily Brit Wit. Hairslide:  Noun BRITISH for a barrette. 12 of 12. Another mini series completed! And it's the longest to-date. How'd everyone enjoy it? Put paid to was yesterday's if you happen to be a day behind.    "He is protective of her. In their combined moment of fright, it occurs to… Continue reading Hairslide

Flash Fiction · How to be British


Wednesday, November 15, 2017. Daily Brit Wit. Cor:  Exclamation, informal  Expressing surprise, excitement, admiration, or alarm. Part 10 of 12. Mini series is winding down. Did you get a chance to check out yesterday's OTT yet? Thanks!!   "It takes Rowan until the morning to even contemplate answering Ronan's questions. And oddly enough, neither teenager struggles with the new… Continue reading Cor