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Up sticks

Friday, June 14, 2019. Daily Brit Wit. Up Sticks:  Phrase, British informal  Go to live elsewhere. "In a world of lilac skies and puffy, lavender clouds I am travelling too many winding paths and bleeding out mauve hopes battling anxiety in the hollow pit of my belly and lost to the caverns of my preoccupied mind enigmatic… Continue reading Up sticks

anxiety · poetry · prose


Wednesday, May 29, 2019. Daily Brit Wit. Bust-up:  Noun, informal, chiefly British  A serious quarrel; a fight or brawl. "All you do is nag at me, brain, be it multiple trains of thoughts sailing and zooming and jogging by whispering flaws in-between an expanding galaxy and born-again stars or anxiety induced headaches when I thought sunshine… Continue reading Bust-up

anxiety · poetry · prose


Tuesday, December 11, 2018. Daily Brit Wit. Anorak:  Noun, British informal, derogatory A studious or obsessive person with unfashionable and largely solitary interests.   "I dance with fear breathlessly anxiety and joy warring sanctimoniously as ice burrows within my spine conveying all this knowledge I struggle to understand enough if I can be anything more than… Continue reading Anorak