poetry · prose


Thursday, July 11, 2019. Daily Brit Wit.


Noun, British informal, humorous 

A child.

“Grass tickles my toes
and sunshine crowns me in its glory
I’ll most likely be covered
in itchy red markings
come morning time
but I’m too busy
screaming and running around
for nonsense outside
this very moment.


I construct stories
reimagined and bright
and poorly written
but I finished it
and that’s important.


I doodle in class
and daydream
of rocky shorelines
or sunny oceans
wandering a great adventure
and staying up past my bedtime!


They tell me
one day soon
my imagination’ll
dry out
faster than a sponge
in the Sahara–


until then I’ll follow this frog
and keep on being a growing sprog.”


© The Loyal Brit Wit, 2019

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