poetry · prose


Thursday, May 30, 2019. Daily Brit Wit.


Noun, informal, British 

A day taken as sick leave when one is not actually ill.

“I’ll burn the wicks out of both ends
this midnight oil of mine
dreams saturated
beneath beguiling battles
and pulsating sceneries
drenching me in Technicolor rain
it isn’t always about creative intelligence
more along the lines of this insane
enigma living inside me
I’ll see it all aflame
but the flamenco dance will touch
only what I wish
heat in emerald eyes
strengthening bonds
and brightening my imagination
a golden kiss from future lovers
wily adventures and mischievous grins
and when I wake
all lingering creative synapses
will continue their eternal burning
begging  me sweetly
to take a sickie
as we’ve much to do.”


© The Loyal Brit Wit, 2019

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