The Magic of Two Years

Hi, everyone,

I’ve kinda forgotten what it was like making a blog post that isn’t structured. But what do you know, another year has passed and I’ve apparently been blogging for two years now? Wow.

I have to be honest with you– it’s been tough. I’ve been dragging the last few months, but I have to say it’s been since I switched from writing/sharing every day to five days a week that I’ve noticed the real difference. So, several months now. I’ve made posts expressing my own surprised delight about writing every day and being uncertain how I’ve managed. Persistence. Dedication. Stubbornness.

I shared this as a inside joke. A “hey, I have an unhealthy obsession with all things English, wanna hear the British equivalent to x?” and it just… went from there. Well, that and I thought dictionary definitions and examples lacked any real guidance so I decided to get creative.

Two years later and here we are. Over 800 followers. I’m rather embarrassed to check to see how many posts I’ve made, truthfully haha. Am creeping up on 40,000 views. 12,000 visitors?! I’ve found myself a great little community here and it has been mind-boggling and awe-inspiring. Every time I allow my anxiety to get the best of me, I get lovely comments and it makes me rethink my hastily made decisions.

To those that have been with me since the beginning, thank you. 

To those that have been with me for over a year, thank you. 

To those that have been with me a short time, thank you. 

I am perpetually mystified by the responses I receive. It’s so nerve-wrecking to share, even with a layer of anonymity. Which may not make sense to some of you, but two years has done some work to keep me from spazzing out when sharing particular posts!! I know every day isn’t the best I’ve ever written and I don’t except it to be. Honestly? Two years has been a ginormous learning experience, a beautiful curve of exploration and frustrations, and continuously reminding myself to keep trying despite the outcome.

Since I’m on an honest kick, I have to say I’m burning out.

I am contemplating a longer hiatus. Haven’t made any concrete decisions yet, but wanted to let you know. Two years of writing damn near every day has festered at my muse. I’ve been working on other projects and have struggled balancing the time between them and blogging. The only reasons I haven’t outright quit are I am sentimental and it feels like a failure to give up without due consideration.

I just want to express how inexplicably grateful I am for each and every single one of you who has been on this journey with me.

Love, Kelsey


22 thoughts on “The Magic of Two Years

  1. I echo the previous blogger’s words… thank you for taking time from your schedule to share with us your love of and interest in words and their meanings.

    I understand your issues with trying to balance it all and imagine you will do what you need to in order to see that you find the sweet spot between all the projects life provides you with. And, if you decide to take an extended break, or, if you should decide to walk away from blog world. I don’t think anyone will see it as a failure. For many of us, writing is a hobby and, though we make connections here (some that last a lifetime), there are ways to remain connected while focusing on life outside the digital realm.

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    1. I’ve been toying around with perhaps going down on number of posts for a while and see if that helps. I don’t wanna burn out yet at the same time I feel as if I’m not doing anything new. Like I mentioned, an extended break may very well be needed. Thank you for the sentiment as well as always being a great person to interact with; it means a lot to me! 😊💜

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      1. That;s what I’ve been doing. Sometimes it’s impossible to keep up. Different if it was a career but it’s not so I really get it.

        You are kindly welcome. It’s always a pleasure to connect and converse. I wish you good luck in whatever you decide 🙂 ❤

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  2. Congrats on your two years. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and learning new expressions along the way or just finally figuring out what some really mean! I wish you all the best whether you’re continuing or taking a break. 😊❤️

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  3. Wow, two years! Congratulations on the milestone….quite something considering your high quality of writing and the quantity of posts prepared. Rest easy, rest well. It’s amazing how many bloggers I know write for a reason, and write for periods then quietly embrace other aspects of life. Us stalwarts (hehe, must be a British word you have featured right?) will be bloggers for life even if our blogs stagnate from time to time. But just like a calm pond, it’s just a matter of time before the surface ripples with another inspiration. Never far away, xo Diana

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    1. It’s mind boggling to me that two years have passed. Thank you for being apart of the journey with me, your support has always been lovely and very much appreciated. We shall see where the tide takes me; until then, I’m enjoying the hiatus! 💜


  4. Aw…K.
    You’re the best. One of my oldest friends here. You mean a lot to me and our friendship has got me through some very tough times.
    You are one of my favourite writers, you have so so so much talent and aren’t even aware of it and I will miss you so much for however long you’re away.
    Come back to us when you’re ready.
    You are a gem and a goddess and poet and an amazing friend.
    All my love,

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    1. Thanks my lovely friend. Your friendship has meant a lot to me, too, and I can’t stress it enough. I’ll still float around and try to catch up when I can, but I definitely need this time away to breathe.
      Honestly. Thank you. Much love from me.

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