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Friday, April 19, 2019. Daily Brit Wit.


Noun, British 

A person who behaves in a wild or reckless manner.

“My heart tells me this is goodbye
gently nudging like a whimpering puppy
despondency in wide eyes
and maybe if I don’t see
I’ll never watch another twilight
fade into night
I’ll live in that echoing silence
an in-between
moment before an exhale
or a kiss without any pressure–
squeezing rhythmically
stress so high I am calm
anxiety a dissipating metaphor
inside my volcanic body
ashes at my feet
and wind tangling my hair…
it’s not often I act a tearaway
perhaps spontaneity
will end up shining new sunlight on me.”


© The Loyal Brit Wit, 2019

2 thoughts on “Tearaway

  1. There is so much I can relate to in your writing …. your beautiful writing may I add… that seems to effortlessly flow like a trickling spring stream. Today I stopped at the memory of the “in between moments” and a kiss of the not so long ago 🙂 Hugs to you!!

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