Flash Fiction

Horses for courses

Wednesday, January 9, 2019. Daily Brit Wit.

Horses for courses: 

Phrase, British proverb

Different people are suited for different things based on different skill sets.

“Exile will treat Amaya kinder than her 1400 years under her Uncle Rainer’s reign. She was too young when her father, former King Ikes of the realms, passed away. She never was able to ascend to the throne due to new laws implemented under King Rainer. Anything is better than a shackled life. 

When Amaya leaves, she chances one backwards glance and whispers, ‘Fare there well, my home.’

And here Amaya is running away from kingdom come on what is supposed to be her wedding day. A galactic Princess bride on the run and no fears for repercussions; she has been planning this for some time. Quiet literally several decades. She palms a weathered stone in her pocket before flipping it twice, thumb rubbing in tight circles: she is changing her destiny, transforming what she had feared to be the worst day of her life into the best.

In a question of horses for courses, her uncle has always thought himself more intelligent and of greater power than he actually possesses. He assumed the throne quietly, pacifying his dead brother’s sympathisers by promising a temporary reign; second sons are not raised for the throne and Amaya’s mother passed in childbirth. All Amaya ever had was her uncle and she’s always been the rightful heir.

Now, Fate has decided her true warrior shall begin her journey to the throne. After all, in a few years’ time, Amaya will be Queen and mother to the chosen one.”


© The Loyal Brit Wit, 2019


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