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Sunday, July 8, 2018. Daily Brit Wit.


Noun, British informal 

A sandwich.

“Life is a messy maze like trailing bread crumbs all the time

or maybe not bread crumbs– yes, that’s right; it’s torn up pieces of a sarnie

mouldy and aged– why hasn’t it been thrown away? This is forever the crux of the matter

trusting life’ll turn out all right when it’s nothing more than a dizziness inducing maze where nothing makes any sense like it should

but logic doesn’t belong here, haven’t you learnt that lesson by now? Obviously not

yet the winds continue whirling onward like it does before a tornado or a hurricane comes raging at the world, ready for midnight destructions

mixing up the trail you’ve been following and now your path is jumbled– which way had you been headed?

So you stop in the midst of it all, looking and looking and looking but nothing makes sense any more and should you– should you just go?

Meander your way forward whether or not it’s the right way to go just to see where life will take you? Who knows? You could speculate all night and day long

just go– just do. Maybe it’ll work itself out in the end?”


© The Loyal Brit Wit, 2018

6 thoughts on “Sarnie

    1. I’m not certain on the exact pin-point of regions just know that it is used occasionally. Perhaps you’ve heard of butty instead? I haven’t defined it yet but it is one on my list. Personally, I think butty is the more common phrase but I’ve heard them both. Sorry I couldn’t be more help. 🙂


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