Where art thou, Inspiration?

Do you ever have problems with things that inspire you?

We all know the hassle of waiting for inspiration to kick you in the face. Sometimes we just need to tackle and subdue the Muse. (Or whatever you call your inspiration benefactor/enabler/Goddess… mine’s called Musie and she’s a handful. And oh hey yeah, I’ve sorta kinda already written about her once upon a time…you can check those out here if you’re interested with the first one!)

Anyways, I get asked a lot how I write every day. And I’m pretty sure nobody asks me more than myself. (Still constantly amazed I manage to scrap something together so dang on often.) Not every day is a “good” writing day, though. As my friend T says, “sliding scale of awesomeness.” And what that basically boils down to is even if it’s not an AMAZING day of writing, it’s still good writing. You wanna know why?

Because I’m trying and I’m putting in the effort.

I keep hearing that writing is a muscle that needs to be used. Just like with athletics or music or whatever else it is people are interested in that requires muscle memory. I used to kinda roll my eyes at this or scoff at the idea. But let me tell you after a year and some change of writing something every single day: IT IS TRUE.

Okay, so maybe I’m not an expert in the traditional sense.

While yes, I have S T R U G G L E D with ideas and concepts and keeping things fresh/new/interesting, the fact is I haven’t given up. I find my writing time relaxing. Time for me to take a break or give myself some “me” time. Even if it’s me time where I’m a bit creativitely shunted. It’s all a learning experience. (And we know how much I love learning by now, yeah?)

Don’t fear routine. Honestly, it has easily been the repetition of writing around the same time every day that’s kept me going. Same time though, don’t let conformity constrain you either. Sometimes the inspiration hits whenever it hits. But don’t be afraid to wrangle it into submission. Because lemme tell you a little secret: if Musie smells fear on me… good luck seeing the creative sunshine for a week or two after that. She’s vicious when she wants to be!!

Writing is a passion and it is a habit.

Now tell me about your experiences. Does anyone do any pre-writing? How about keeping a list of potential ideas or topics?

Kelsey 💜

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