Flash Fiction · How to be British


Sunday, September 10, 2017. Daily Brit Wit.


Adjective, informal 

Done, made, or happening only once.

Noun, informal

Something done, made, or happening only once; a unique or remarkable person.

A new, tiny mini series called “Dreamweaver Chronicles.” Part 1 of 2. 

“If you hadn’t been in control, you would have woken up screaming. As you are in control, the only sound you make is a stuttered inhale, a tiny gasp for air. Though it seems you’re loud enough to wake the town.

The dregs of the dream linger, swirling in grey webs in your head and just out of your reach inside your bedroom. Flashes and blinks attempt to invite you back. With every flicker of eyelashes, you tremble just enough to stay awake. You don’t want to remember; want to forget; so you force yourself to stay right here. It’s not lucid dreaming, this you know with absolute certainty. No, it’s the curse of the dream weaver.


You thought it was a one-off. Easily four months ago, you had startled awake in the middle of the night, panting and disoriented. You hadn’t thought anything of it: after all, your dreams have forever been weird, peculiar even. As much as you live a quiet and ordinary life, it isn’t too uncommon for you to dream of mythical lands or random bouts of long walks in places you’ve been been acquainted or even death.

The death ones always agitate you.

Now that you’re actively thinking on it, it comes to your attention why it took you so bloody long for you to realise what has been going on. And this puzzles you as you blink down into your hot cocoa.

You have never bought into make believe. As a child, you scoffed and demanded other tales, historical or scientific autobiographies. Okay, that’s a bit of a lie: you were read fairytales until you are about six or eight. You’re uncertain precisely when the change happened, but somewhere along the way you turned practical.

An idea forms. You are equal parts chuffed with your genius and repulsed by it. So it’ll take a bit of time for you to warm the idea of starting a consulting business as a professional dream weaver.”


18 thoughts on “One-off

      1. My biggest fan comes from a friend of mine, who actually encouraged me to post the minis on a blog. She floats around a lot. 😁 My second is superwifeandmummy, the always lovely M! She’s left comments all over the place and in fact has on this one, too!
        But don’t get offended if I call you a groupie, okay??? 😆 because I have the bad tendency of fluctuating between “fan” and “groupie” almost intermittently! ❤️

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