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On the cards

Friday, September 8, 2017. Daily Brit Wit.

On the cards: 

Phrase, informal 

Possible or likely.

*Hey, we seemed to survive another mini series together. Would you look at that? Pint (3/3)

“Odelle refuses to speak or glance at her father during the trek through the underground. Barely acknowledges his nonverbal queues. She knows it’s petty of her; she’s more upset with herself than she is with him by now. She hides behind a poorly disguised, thin veil of prudence: if someone identifies the two of them together, it could come back and haunt them.

So she keeps to herself.


On one of their stops, her father motions her to enter a cafe while he runs a quick errand. She’s dubious, mindful of the need to stick together and the slight fear he’s abandoning her. His eyebrows furrow, shakes his head, and holds up both hands indicating ten minutes. She shrugs in okay and goes to order green tea.

Inside, she is relieved to have a few minutes to collect herself. She knows the passive aggressive attitude will be a weak link in their chain. She refuses to be the cause of everything unravelling now because she wanted to act like a little girl again. She shakes away the emotions and sips her tea.

Fifteen minutes later and an almost unrecognisable man sits across from her. Odelle blinks, opens her mouth to dismiss him, when her vision tells her brain it’s not some bloke trying to hit on her but her father.

‘Um, wow,’ she mumbles unintelligently.

His grin is indulgent. His hands cradle a coffee.

She’s close to giving him hell for it. Decides to sip her cooling and frankly better beverage instead. During her time alone, Odelle made a vow to put aside her childishness and trust her father. He’s made it this far.

‘Odelle,’ he whispers her name with reverence. She cherishes it and they share a fond mien. His hand snakes across the tabletop to lightly grasp her wrist. ‘I know…,’ he puffs hot air in frustration and starts again. ‘My running and subsequent resurrection has loosely been on the cards since this entire affair started. I’m not sorry I did it. But I am sorry you’ve been dragged along.’

She opens her mouth to protest but he gives her arm a small squeeze to stay her.

‘I’ve been lousy, I know,’ a dark chuckle. Sips his coffee and avoids her gaze. ‘I don’t even know how to atone for that and frankly I believe you shouldn’t forgive me.’

She stares at him, trying to gauge his level of sincerity. Before he left to fake his own death, she had been slacking in reading him. They used to read each other like an open Dickens novel, complex but full of meaning to them; and then…somehow Odelle lost her very best friend. He’s busy studying his mug; yet his shoulders are hunched, neck bent forward and his demeanour simply screams “vulnerable” to Odelle.

‘What do you need?’ She inquires, sotto voce. 

Confused, his head jolts upward and his eyes lock on hers. She is careful not to flinch away. ‘You’ll…?’ He hardly dares to breathe.

She nods.

‘I need to stay dead, honey bee.’ He answers reluctantly. ‘And it’s time I leave the country for good.'”


19 thoughts on “On the cards

      1. It’s a small one. Started with “Cheerio.” If it helps, you can either scroll through to Wednesday’s post or under the page Series.
        If that didn’t answer your question, I started it rather in the midst of the action. Does this help at all?

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  1. Am I the only one who thought this was a bit hot? No? Too much Game of Thrones?
    Okay. But I think it is more of your writing style that is delicious and tantalizing. Would love to read more.

    I have just been welcomed into the WordPress community and it would be awesome if you could take some time and review my content (or not, totally up to you, no pressure). Just click on any Element that draws you in (Fire and Death maybe?). Pre-Thank you to you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi there! Welcome to the community! (Now you’ve been welcomed some more!) 🙂

      I have never personally read or watched Game of Thrones. I have it on my list of things but have yet to get around to it. I’ll take this as a compliment, then, because I know it’s a huge success. Have you read the previous two posts prior to “On the Cards?” It starts with “Cheerio,” then goes to “Pint” and ends with “On the cards.” At this time, this series is finished. I’m happy to hear you want more! Always a lovely compliment to get.

      I won’t really have the time today to check out your blog; but I’ll be sure to do it soon. Thank you SO much for visiting. Cheers!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It was a compliment. It’s just your way of writing radiated this tension, the characters however, were related hence the reference. I will check out the previous posts too! I will await your reviews. 🙂


    1. Ah, no worries! I was insanely busy yesterday and didn’t get around to doing my normal poking around at other’s, either. (And don’t I know all about things taking up all the brain space!)
      Thank you! And …maybe? 😃😅 I get this a lot, actually! At the very least, I haven’t written about Odelle and her father since but that doesn’t mean I know what the future holds. ❤️

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      1. Well, I see that story jumping on you again one day. So watch out!

        Personally, I love being ambushed by stories! Weird actually, somebody handed me one this week, wrapped up in a bow, with all the necessary plot elements in place. My heart beats faster just typing this. I told him he had to write it so I can read it. To which he replied, we’ll, I was kinda hoping you would. WOWZERS! Crazy, right? I think I’m going to have to take him up on his kind offer.

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      2. I’ll be on the lookout for it, then! Thank you for the kindly heads up. 😇

        It’s such a delight being ambushed by stories, especially the ones that write themselves! That’s incredible!!! Best of luck on it and have all the fun with it, okay?

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