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Tuesday, August 8, 2017. Daily Brit Wit.



BRITISH term for the trunk of a car.

"Kaylee hobbles down the stoop, mindless of holding onto the railing as she makes her way toward her car and the open boot. Of course, the idiotic cast on her right foot is here to stay for another three weeks and four days; thus, grocery shopping has become more of a chore and a bit of a hindrance. Unsurprisingly, the cast catches on loose debris and she wobbles forward, teetering precariously, but thankfully does not fall flat on her face.

She whinges under her breath the remainder of the trip, bemoaning the misfortune and irony of being a dancer who has the wretched tendency to run into inanimate objects and the occasional piss-poor landing. Kaylee lifts up the final three bags, shoves two in her left arm and situates the last under her right armpit to forcefully shut the boot.

And she wobbles back inside.

She ought to be on crutches. Kaylee fancies them a touch too much (as an accessory or necessity, really) and has, for the most part, stabilised herself in such a way to go without them. It still doesn't take care of her inability to have weight on the blasted thing!

The moment her feet cross the threshold of her home, the tears gathering in the corners of Kaylee's eyes blink out. Only two, one from each duct, and slides down her cheeks. She situates herself in a way that allows her to close the front door with her back. Where she rests against it, fluttering away more traitorous moisture and she can stretch out the appendage, taking her weight off it.

All she wants is to remove the cast and curl up on the sofa. Maybe put on some mindless telly programme and munch on chocolate biscuits. Then it begins to itch. Kaylee groans low in the back of her throat and shoves off the door, making her way farther inside. No use permitting the ice cream to melt with her laziness."


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