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Friday, August 4, 2017. Daily Brit Wit.


Verb, informal

Avoid work or duty by staying away or leaving early; shirk.

Noun, informal

An instance of avoiding work or a duty.

“He groans at the sharp tug on his muscles. He has abused himself of this type of injury before, and is no stranger to a little bit of pain; here he grasps his hamstring and inhales like a hiss. He pauses and leans forward, shifting his weight about until he’s hunched over in a way to distribute his mass into his palms atop his knees. He focuses on breathing.

He waits maybe a minute before standing. And forces himself to revisit his stretches he flew through earlier. He starts on his arms first before tentatively transitioning into his legs. Doesn’t even contemplate doing a lunge. Just grabs the ankle from behind and carefully pulls upward. The right leg is fine, of course. The left sends up an angry flare. He bites down hard on his lower lip to keep in the howl that wishes to erupt.

He’s hated pain since he was a kid– okay, he’s hated sports-related injuries since then and that doesn’t really help him much. Also, it made for quite the misadventures in his youth, because he played several sports and came out toting just as many serious abrasions. Yet he still works out.

Who knew?

When another flare-up happens by simply letting his leg down, his head tips back and he throws down the hand towel. He’s done now; ready to skive off this bad workout and head home. Or, better yet, he amends as he hurriedly shoves all his belongings into a bag, a pub.


10 thoughts on “Skive

    1. I pronounce it with a bit of posh and flare, with a harsh “S” and “K” then it’s more like an “I’ve.” (Sky-I’ve). If that was a terrible example (it’s soo much easier to do these things face-to-face), then please consult my good friend youtube for further pronunciation.


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