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Hello all!

So apparently I've been nominated THREE times this week for blogger awards?! Okay, not apparently– I have been nominated thrice and for three different things. I'm incredibly humbled and honored so many of you like my little blog. I'm still blown away by people reading let alone liking and commenting that life's still surreal.

Before I inadvertently ramble off answers to questions I have to answer, I'll quit while I'm ahead. But, I'm cheating and using one post for all three awards. Without further ado, here we are:


The Unique Blogger Award: 

Thanks to Pia (found here)  for this award! I have to be upfront about the rules: as they're all similar asking for me to give a shout-out to who nominated me and answer their questions and then in turn nominate people, I'm tweaking.

However, Pia is truly friendly and insanely nice. Always leaves the best comments. Please accept my infamous change to mixing up the blogging awards. Her three questions are answered below:

What inspires you to write, when you have absolutely nothing to write about, completely blank? 

Oh, jeez. Usually the first thing I try to do in such a situation is head to my trusty friend Pinterest and devour my writing board for pins on writing prompts. (I'll even do this if I'm in a rut or not.) Other times I will pester my friends for suggestions (you know who you are; smile and wave!). I've found it helpful to make a list of ideas that may spark the Muse at a later date. One last thing: it's important to write as frequently as you can; not all of it will be lovely or usable buuuuuut it keeps you in the habit of writing.

What inspired you to take up writing? 

I've been writing so long now I don't think I could even pin-point an individual moment. I don't think this is always the case; however, in my circumstances, both of my parents have a certain knack of writing. Not sure if I'll own up to it being genetic though! For me, writing is something I have to do. I will also confess that what keeps me writing is the thrill of watching myself grow as well as love and support from friends, family, and you wonderful readers.

Do you think writing dark fiction hinders our aspect and imagination of a creative mind?

A firm NO WAY. In fact, I fancy darker thrillers more of a two-fold event; one has to be pretty dang creative to write the grittier side of life and wield an enormous amount of empathy to pull it off. I don't know if I want to go all the way and say it takes more creative talent to pull off darker fiction because I'll regret it as soon as I do; then again, I think it takes a particular kind of imaginative mind to write it. No lack of imagination or creativity; that's like saying a children's or nonfiction or romance writer can't be creative on the same scale. You're gonna develop your own skills and that doesn't make you less or more creative; it's how you push and challenge yourself that tests those limits.



The Real Neat Blog: 

If you haven't discovered my sweetest and loveliest friend Maria via the blogging world, YOU SHOULD. She's a gem and a delight! (Portal found here loves) Rules for this award demand I post this logo.

If anyone was going to nominate me for such an award, it would be you my friend. I've seven questions she wants me to answer:

What's an interesting thing you have read or seen this week? 

Wait, just one? Fairly sure that reading is my part-time job; maybe even my full-time like breathing and eating and sleeping. I'm cheating by saying I read too many intriguing things daily let alone in a week to remember.

What do you prefer? Sitting alone in a room reading or going out party?

Wellllll of course it's sitting alone (not in the dark) and reading. Obviously.

Do you prefer digital reading (PDF, Kindle, etc) or traditional books?

Easy, I prefer traditional books. For one, they work nicely for my long-desired dream of owning my own personal library. There's just something about having a physical copy of my favorite book to read again and again and gaze at fondly.

I will confess to having gotten over my dislike of digital reading. I'll go back and forth (in fact, HAD to while in school). But if given the choice, it's always traditional because my book won't lose battery and room out of storage space on a device. (We're going to ignore the physical running out of space on bookshelves, all right? Cool.)

What's the closest thing to real magic? 

I'm amending this to "things." Yoga and imagination.

What's the craziest thing you have ever done? 

The craziest, coolest thing I've ever done is make and share a blog. Otherwise, I'm crazy all the time soooo.

Your favorite quote: 

Hmmm…this varies A LOT. But…

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; doubt the sun doth move; doubt truth to be a liar; but never doubt I love." -William Shakespeare


"Education never ends Watson. It is a series of lessons, with the greatest for the last." -Sherlock Holmes (okay, it's really Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)

But also anything Jane Austen.

You can do anything you want for 24 hours with no restraints, constraints or caveats: what would you do? 

Heh. Assuming that you want the whimsical answer and not that honest truth (which would probably be me too lazy to leave my room and stay holed-up inside reading/writing all day long or watching Netflix), let's think about this question.

I would travel. But I'd have to already be in my chosen destination(s) or have the ability to teleport. No hindrances of transportation (hello, BORING!). I've been itching to see Europe since childhood. For the historical sights and roots, for sure; but let me see all these adorable, quaint bookshops. But also throw in time at the beach with NO SUNBURNS. Let's be a fun, lazy day.



The Star Blogger Award: 

Last and certainly not least, the sage and philosophical and powerful writing blogger How to Addict has nominated me. I always feel like I'm back in class whenever I read any post from How to Addict. Seriously. It's great. Alas, I've not questions. But be sure to check out the blog and send out love for the nomination all the same.


Now it's my turn to nominate: 

So, since all of you decided to hit me up at the same time, my cheating continues as I make up my own rules as we go along. (But if you don't like my new rules, then please feel free to find the order in my chaos by hitting up each person's blog who nominated me for the legitimate rules. Promise I won't be offended. Much.)

The Unique Blogger Award: 

I nominate:


My questions for you:

  1. Do you have a musical playlist you listen to when you write or feel creative?
  2. Where's the worst or most inopportune place you have been when the creative spark comes calling?
  3. When you're wanting to write but feel stumped, how do you overcome it?


The Real Neat Blog Award: 

I nominate:


My questions for you:

I like all seven I answered above. Let's do those. But, if you'd like I will give you individual ones, too.


That will be the end of this public announcement, friends. And hey! Two Fridays in a row you got double posts out of me. Let's not make this a habit.




21 thoughts on “Blog Awards

    1. Oh, thank you so much!! πŸ˜„

      I totally contemplated nominating you; I’m terrible at this award business and wasn’t sure if it would be up your alley or not. (Though neither is my rambling, apparently!)


      1. Haha, I appreciate the nominations I get, but you have seen my blog. Award posts don’t really ‘fit’ on the Fears you know?

        Your posts are fab. I have read your Flash Fictions a few times. Just been a bit overwhelmed with life recently and lacked the time and mental capacity to actually comment beyond liking heh.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. No, I completely understand! The awards didn’t seem to fit mine either. I simply couldn’t overlook look so many though.

        Your Fears are brilliant and blow me away! And no worries about the busyness of life; that I entirely understand. I appreciate the likes and comments, so all is well. It means a lot you’ve read any, considering yours are so brill in concise and compact ways!


  1. Hihi! Congratulations and well-deserved, 3 in a row!
    Thank you very much for nominating me. I’m converting to an award-free blog (as I don’t follow enough bloggers to pass on the baton), but I would very much like to answer your questions. So, here goes:
    1. Interesting thing I have seen this week is the pile of work in my inbox after returning from 4 weeks’ leave, what a rude awakening… I half expected work to magically disappear and that travelling could be a new way of life, but alas, welcome to reality.
    2. Same as you, of course, sitting in a (cosy, well-lit) room (preferably with a fireplace, a nice rug and a cup of tea) and reading would more than ideal.
    3. I’m a traditionalist through and through. I’ve never cottoned onto the digital age (in fact, I’m sorry to admit that this blog is probably the only form of social media that I cling to dearly). I’d love to own my personal library, too, and fantasise about converting one of our bedrooms to a mini-library (with the aforementioned fireplace and rug as decorative essentials)!
    4. Travelling. Not only magical, but achievable.
    5. I have never done anything I would consider remotely crazy. All through life I’ve been the Miss Goody Two-shoes; perhaps my penchant for solo travels would be what my parents consider crazy. πŸ˜›
    6. Favourite quote: Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains (Rousseau).
    7. I would travel too, visiting new places, with new people and new hopes. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so very much for answering my questions here! I understand about not wanting to change your photoblog’s travel identity; but knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to nominate you all the same. Your answers are great; and I like your favourite quote! I hope the transition back to reality goes a little smoother for you. 😁

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Not at all! My blog is actually a mixed bag (I don’t consider myself just a travel blogger). It’s actually just a dumping ground for my life… πŸ˜‚ Thanks for your well wishes!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ah, well; both ways are fine! I just know some people have been understandably a blog free zone. I felt I needed to appreciate and spread the love. “A dumping ground for my life” that’s great! I promise I’m laughing because it’s a clever description and incredibly apt for my own life. πŸ˜‚ You’re welcome!!

        Liked by 1 person

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