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Thursday, August 3, 2017. Daily Brit Wit.



BRITISH for trash; material that is considered valueless or unimportant; absurd, nonsensical, or worthless talk or ideas.

"She loathes cleaning out drawers. All right, perhaps loathes is too strong a verb to describe her displeasure. Then again, she thinks, as she warily holds up a used tea bag by its string between pincher fingers, maybe I am on par with the phrase.

'I'm not a hoarder,' she whispers fiercely under her breath as she flings the material into her throwaway pile. 'I'm not, I'm not, I'm not.' She stresses the reassurance.

She's got a bit of a problem with cleaning though, since she won't admit to minor hoarding of paperwork in her home office. She's been sorting through the rubbish for upwards of five hours now. Additionally, that time also includes several loo breaks, food timeouts, and distractions of "ooooh, so that's where you've been!" sprinkled throughout.

The main reason she's deep desk drawer cleaning has to do with her new, potential flatmate. She doesn't anticipate having to share her home office; however, on the off-chance she has to, she'd rather it be clean. Also, she's totally placing some (if not all) blame on her ex. The tosser utterly cheated on her and after she kicked him to the kerb, he trashes her place. Though she can afford to live on her own- very tightly, but the option is still there- she's struggling with the practicality of it. She doesn't really want someone else to move in. For the first time in her life, she likes living alone. There's some kind of empowerment not having to answer to a jerk every single day.

Perhaps what she truly needs is a friend instead of a date. (Because she's realised her fear of a flatmate may involve more.) No more romantic entanglements."


4 thoughts on “Rubbish

  1. I use rubbish in so many different situations, it’s so versatile. Why, just the other day we were arguing with the council as to why the rubbish men hadn’t collected the bins. Surprise, surprise- they were chatting complete rubbish! Honestly, civil servants are so rubbish at their jobs sometimes!
    Love it!

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    1. It was so very difficult for me to use only one facet of rubbish’s definition! My dad likes to tell me if I’ve done or said something silly it’s nothing but rubbish. Also, I love all the words for “trash” in the U.K. 😌

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