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Wednesday, July 12, 2017. Daily Brit Wit.


Noun (pl. noun holidays; pl. informal hols)

A vacation.

"The heat is oppressive, like slicing through three-day-old molten lava up a sputtering not-so-inactive volcano -or so you imagine-, as you trudge up the walkway toward the villa. But you'd rather wade through Salamanca's oppressive heat right now than bear another half-day's train travelling. No amount of luxury lavished on journeying via train makes your motion sickness subside. You reach the entrance and throw it open.

You sweep inside, perhaps four or five steps, before the architectural surroundings filter. And you simply gape in awe.

'Dearest, did you forget to come back out for you bags?' A familiar voice itches at the background of your subconsciousness but barely scratches in pulling away your focus. Your jaw may have popped open with all your gaping and gawking.

A hand cups your elbow gently to physically grab your attention. You startle despite anticipating a formal intervention. Yet you grin dopily and earn a raised, amused brow in turn.

'Fancy the villa, do you?'

You laugh and throw your arms out, spinning round first slowly to take it all in then once more quite fast as the giggles slither up your windpipe. The bold colours in greens, blues, tans, and pops of reds and yellows blur together as you spin. Like a colour wheel minus the muddiness such a move would produce. 'Yeah, I do.'

You glance once more before trotting back outside to help bring in the luggage. Your rental car is small and seems jam-packed with a month's worth of supplies.

'I think my problem,' you contemplate as you wrestle out a forest green suitcase, 'stems from not going on hols enough. So I remedy it all at once and for crazy durations.'

Your companion chortles and agrees.

You'll stay in Salamanca for five days, take a train to Barcelona before heading toward France next. You argued to see Nice and Paris last, urging the necessity of getting in at least two weeks in Italy (Naples, Rome, Verona at the bare minimum). But you've compromised to make this trip a memorable one."


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