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Have someone on

Tuesday, July 11, 2017. Daily Brit Wit.

Have someone on: 

Phrasal verb, informal 

Try to make someone believe something that is untrue, especially as a joke. 

"The sniggering and giggling flares up, muffled yet noticeable, as it volleys between lilting crescendos and decrescendos. 

'You–you're having me on, aren't you?' A dark-haired teen sputters, gives a firm shake of her head as if to knock thought processes back in place. 'I don't believe you.' 

Her male counterpart towers over her by all of two-and-a-half inches. His incredulity is comical due potentially repeating himself. Instead, they stare the other down again. 

Their audience titters, shifting restlessly like ignored terriers. It's actually a small group, but their murmuring makes up for tiny numbers as everyone attempts to speak over the person next to them. 

'Jane,' a new voice speaks up, a pleasant alto mix. 'Why do you think he's lying?' 

The teen, Jane supposedly, continues to stare the other down, before eventually sliding her gaze away to find the owner of the question directed at her. 'Izzy, seriously?'

'Yes, I am serious.'

'Why would he ask me out?' 

'I dunno.'

But the thought processes in a new capacity and Jane turns round to her male counterpart again. 'Why would you ask me out?' 

His lips part and eyes widen. 

Surprisingly, the audience hushes and waits anxiously for his reply. 

'It's just a date to the movies, Janie. Just say yes.' Izzy encourages when the silence becomes oppressive. 

'Yes?' Jane intones.

'Wait! You said yes?' He finally says and his tenor is in a higher octave. 

'She said yes!'

'She totally did!'

'Quick! Make it official before someone changes their mind!'

Jane flounders for a mo, gaze focused on Izzy and the audience before it shifts toward Paulo, her new date apparently, to notice his hazel eyes soft and an even gentler grin tugging on his lips. Jane raises an impressed brow and his grin explodes fully."


6 thoughts on “Have someone on

  1. You know, I’ve been meaning to say- my cousins from Nottingham used say ‘mardy’- as in “God, why are you being so mardy!’ As in moody! 😂We never said it Birmingham and I always thought it was funny. Although words weren’t the main issue in B’ham-anything said in That accent is just tragic. Thankfully I promptly lost it after moving away! in the Though I’d share!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I appreciate the share! I’ve actually never heard it before, but it has now found its way on my ever-longer list of words to choose from! 😅😌 And as always, thanks for taking the time to read and leave comments; they mean quite a bit to me!!

      Liked by 1 person

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