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A babysitter or a child-care worker.

*Welcome, welcome to the next installment in the Fortnight series! Be sure to check out the first three with Snog being the most recent. Ta! 😄

"She exhales dramatically, left hand full of car keys and right hand gripping the front door knob. Her surveillance over her shoulder at her husband is scalding and fond all-at-once.

'Anthony,' she breathes his name, 'why are you making such a huge deal over this?'

'I've told you, Thalia.'

She mumbles something about "stubborn-headed tossers and husbands."

'Are you arguing with me still?'

'So what if I am?' She quips in a mocking tone under her breath. Then counts to five. When she still buzzes with spite, next she counts to ten; before doing the same in French. 'Are we done yet? I'm late picking up Zoey from the childminder's,' she struggles to keep her voice level and free of button-pressing sarcasm.

'If you wait fifteen more minutes–'

She cuts off his repetition. 'No, Anthony. I shall not wait when I am already late to pick up our daughter.'

'It's not that big a deal, Nat–'

'It is, Anthony, and this is the end of our conversation.'

'Let me put my shoes on–'

Nathalie groans and yanks open the front door partially. 'Your project is due in less than an hour. Stay. Finish it. Zoey and I will bring home takeaway. You should have it done by then.'

'It's nearly done–'

'Stay. And finish the damn thing, Anthony,' she grits out between clenched teeth.

'Why can't you wait?' He asks, coming out of his office and posture vibrating frustration, anger, and a hint of petulance.

Her head falls to the door jamb's edge. 'Anthony, I am late picking up ma fille because you came home early to finish a project and ended up distracting me,' she annunciates their afternoon for him slowly and carefully, more mindful of her growing temper than treating him with kid-gloves.

He curses.

She slams the front door. 'Don't you yell at me!' And rounds on him. 'I am leaving now. Stay here, calm the hell down, and be sure you're in Daddy mode when Zoey and I walk back through that door, yes?'

'Nathalie, wait–'

Her back stays toward him. 'I refuse to argue with you anymore, Anthony. The doctor says I don't need the stress…for me or the baby.'

A heavy silence.

She cannot believe she's confessed to their second pregnancy in the midst of an argument. Guilt and shame wracks her. Her shoulders slump.

'Je t'aime,' she whispers and pulls open the door once more. 'I'll be home soon.'

'Thalia, love, wait!'

'Goodbye, Anthony.'

And she walks out the door, shutting it firmly behind her.


Zoey is pouting and two whines away from a full-blown strop. Her hair is lopsided from Anthony tugging them back to be tamed and Zoey yanking it back out. She hates wearing her hair up.

'Da,' she whines for no particular reason other than to convey her displeasure.

Anthony pinches the bridge of his nose and squeezes shut his eyes. He can't look at her right now, grips his heart and tug-pull-rips; in such a tizzy, Zo reminds him so much of Nathalie during their last–his lungs whoosh out.

They've been home from New Zealand about three days now, flying in from Auckland, and the transition from vacation to reality has taken that long mainly to get over jet lag. He is beginning to regret not jumping back in to work. Because Zoey is refusing to return to her childminder's.

'Zo, baby, you have to.'

'No, Da, I don't.' She stomps her little canvas-covered foot. 'Why can't Nana mind me?'

'Because Nana has work to do, too, Zo.'

Her lower lip juts out and quivers. She shakes her head, slowly at first but then fiercely. 'No, Da,' her whine is now shaky and wet: a plea. 'Don't 'ant to,' she sobs.

His heart spider-cracks seeing his girl falling apart, whether it's a tantrum or something else, Anthony never has handled her evolving moods very well. He tries to scoop her up but Zoey shakes her head again, backing away, and bright eyes are wide, wet, and so very sad.

'I want my mummy, Da.' She hiccups.

This time Anthony successfully scoops his girl up and cradles her. He pets her curls, tugging them out of their restraints, and kisses her hair, cheeks, nose, forehead, crown, hoping to soothe and reassure her. She hasn't had a meltdown about Nathalie in a few weeks, at least not one of this morning's proportions, and Anthony blinks away his own tears.

'I'm here, Zo; Daddy's got you, little lovey.' He repeats, swaying her back and forth, and crying with her until she falls asleep in his arms.

He decides to work from home today."


French translations:

ma fille: my child

Je t'aime: I love you.

11 thoughts on “Childminder

    1. I appreciate your comment, thank you! πŸ˜ƒ While I get where you’re coming at…isn’t the whole point of literature/fiction of putting your characters through the hardest paths to see how the come out on the other side? I think people who are weak and aren’t in a strong, committed relationship would throw in the towel. You could be right though. There’s more to come!


  1. I didn’t personally think this was a fight worth walk away from…I just think that it’s their dynamic with each other. But he does love her, regardless. And he’s definitely committed. Plus, there is much more to come. =)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you caught on to this! It wasn’t even that big of a fight. Couples get into squabbles and disagreements all the time. I’m chuffed you can see Anthony’s love for her. 😁


  2. In all fairness I should admit my husband and I are celebrating our 47th Anniversary in a few weeks and once you get past the first thirty your ability to handle conflict has diminished — also there isn’t much anymore that seems worth fighting over.
    Hormonal is understandable; I didn’t think of that angle. But If a couple has this kind of dynamic going on between them constantly — and I’ve seen that in some homes — it’s painful to observe and doesn’t bode well for a 50th Anniversary party. Mind you, I’ve also seen some homes where husband and wife have settled into a stony silence they live in year after year. Help!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well…Anthony and Nathalie are within the first decade of their marriage. Plus, this is just an angle of the drama. I personally don’t think it’s that big of an argument. It’s more petty and emotional and frustration. Not real anger. Perhaps it’ll make more sense as the next couple are revealed? I think their relationship was established firmly in the previous Fortnight story; but if it’s not, it definitely will be reaffirmed as time goes on. To each their own, though, right? Congratulations on the upcoming anniversary, that’s an amazing milestone! πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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