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Friday, July 7, 2017. Daily Brit Wit.


Noun, archaic or literary 

A poet, traditionally one reciting epics and associated with a particular oral tradition. Also, generally "the Bard" refers to William Shakespeare. 

"She's helping her best mate dust her bookshelves and she's torn between literally dusting and eyeing the contents of the shelves. Mostly, she has been all right maintaining a low level of distractions; that is until she stumbles upon an intriguing section. 

'Hey, Hannah?' She calls out, dropping her cleaning supplies, wipes her hands down the thighs of her jeans, and bends closer to examine the mahogany shelving. 

'What's up, Skye?' Hannah chirps back and judging by her voice and footsteps her friend is heading toward Hannah's in-home office. 'Did you find something?' She wonders once she's crossed the threshold. 

Skye half-shrugs then mostly shakes her head and causes her blonde hair to shake. 'Dunno, not really, I think,' she answers distractedly. 'I didn't know you were into bards?' Her tone loses all control of casual nonchalance and slips into a rather hilarious accusation. 



'What about them? You know I like to read.' 

'Yes. But the classics?' 

'Are you judging me now?'

'No, no! Just…confused, really.'

'Because I read poetry?'

'No, because why have you placed the Bard in front of Homer and Dante?'

'What?' Hannah sputters inarticulately. 

Skye beams. 'I mean if you're going to order bards, you may as well not do it based on supposed favourites but based on period.'

Hannah is sputtering still (kind of like a broken motor). Maybe if her friend flaps her arms about it would better complete the picture? Skye can imagine it clearly and it causes her to grin goofily. 

Instead, Skye pulls out the volumes on Hannah's collections and deftly rearranges them. Hannah remains in silence. 

'See?' Skye says as she orders Homer then Dante then Shakespeare then Milton. 'The bards have to stick together;  but you also can't really allow the wrong one to lead first,' she supplies as if chatting about old friends. 

Hannah blinks owlishly."


6 thoughts on “Bard

  1. I love the idea of featuring British words. I did a gap year in England, and as a fellow word nerd, I can never learn too many British words and expressions. glad to have found you! 🙂

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