How to be British · Language


Tuesday, July 4, 2017. Daily Brit Wit.


Adjective, informal, chiefly British, attributive

Used to express annoyance, anger, shock, or simply for emphasis. 

"He ambles down the block with the foot traffic flow, moving at a steady clip despite his annoyance with the person on the other line of his mobile. He pinches the bridge of his nose instead of clenching his fist at the contralto tone's explanation. Oh, the wilful ignorance that sweeps over these plebeian morons he will never comprehend

'Are you certain?' He huffs out, the question more a chance for the person on the other end to amend her statement than his reassurance. 

A muttered 'of course, sir' answers him. 

He may or may not have growled under his breath. He honestly doesn't care if his assistant hears it. He is livid. 

'What are they bloody well doing?' He finds himself asking despite the informality and his better judgment. For one, he's intelligent enough to present issues or questions et cetera without the need to curse like some commoner. 

Apparently, even he is prone to fanciful bouts of "normal" behaviour and language usage. Who knew?

He's missed perhaps half of his assistant's carefully constructed reply to due his puzzlement over commoner-like behaviours by the time he tunes back in. She's nonplussed, he observes and bites his tongue from…laughing?!

'Just–' he cuts off her rambling and his questionable reactions. 'Settle this matter, please, and quickly. I'll be there within twelve minutes.' 

He exhales noisily after she's agreed with an 'of course, sir' and decides he may as well use up all the remaining time he has left leisurely before storming into battle at work today."


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