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Primary school

Sunday, July 2, 2017. Daily Brit Wit.

Primary school: 


A school for children between the ages of about five and eleven. 

“A pink tongue pokes its tip out of equally pink lips as a young boy concentrates on his colouring. The green instrument waddles to and fro in his left hand, filling in what could either be considered grass or a shag rug. 

The lad doesn’t notice when two newcomers arrive, one carrying a few sheets of stickers and another holding a plastic case. Children rarely exhibit patience, so quickly the colouring lad notes two classmates nearby either from a long-suffering sigh or perhaps one bumped into his desk. Their gazes meet briefly, and the lad will remember glancing up to find the classroom faded but two different sets of blue eyes on him for years to come. 

‘Would you like some stickers?’ The girl with the lighter pair of eyes may ask him. 

‘I like turtles,’ the other lad supplies. 

The first lad replies, but memory has taken hostage the exact copy. He recalls whatever he said was okay because next both children are sitting at his isolated table and colouring with him. 


‘Is that really how you met?’ A voice cries with delighted laughter. 

Similar noises are reciprocated from several others within the crowd gathered outside. 

The storyteller rolls his eyes with fondness that’s apparent from a wide smile. ‘You asked how I met my best friends,’ he replies drily. ‘So, I told you about primary school.’ 

He joins in with the laughter. As the others are distracted by the tale and their amusement, his eyes lock on two sets of blue eyes and he’s reminded of spending his childhood with kind, mischievous, and loyal friends.” 


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