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Tuesday, June 27, 2017. Daily Brit Wit.


Noun (also pound sterling; pl. pounds sterling)

The basic monetary unit of the United Kingdom, equivalent to 100 pence. 

"She shuffles forward in queue, eyes trained on the menu board. Except she knows she'll end up ordering the same thing she gets every visit. She's unsure why she's busy reading the tea shop's options: for one, she's memorised them ages ago; and another is she's too stuck in her ways to leave behind chai tea now. 

A new employee mans the next free spot, so the lady pretends she's already decided and that she possibly ends up trying something new. Okay, so she orders her chai tea but she also requests a blueberry muffin and that's not usual. The man behind the counter couldn't care less and he drones out her order before declaring her price. 

She fiddles with her wallet until she slips a small handful of pounds across the counter and he counts it back. Once her transaction is completed, she sidles along the granite countertop to wait for her tea." 


4 thoughts on “Pound

    1. She got a muffin too! πŸ˜… Plus, it could also be implied she didn’t have smaller change. Half the time I write these first thing in the morning and logic isn’t always the foremost thought in my brain. Thanks for pointing it out lol. And thanks for reading!! πŸ˜„

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