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Go spare

Monday, June 26, 2017. Daily Brit Wit.

Go spare: 

Phrase, informal

Become extremely angry or distraught.

“The terse silence lasts long enough for the sister to process her brother’s confusion. 

Then all chaos resumed. 

‘Give me it!’ She’s nearly screaming, temper flaring and flushing her cheeks blotted rose. 

‘I told you that I don’t have it,’ the dark-haired brother grits out. 

‘I am so close,’ she hisses and takes a step forward, ‘so close to hitting you it isn’t even funny.’ 

‘Good on you,’ he drawls. 

She twitches and pauses. Her fists clench and knuckles pop out in waves of white. ‘I will go spare if you don’t tell me where the bloody thing is!’

‘I honestly–‘ 

She lunges. 

He may or may not have squeaked. 

For being quite smaller than her brother, her surprise attack works in her favour and they stumble into a leather chair. She pins down his arms with her knees and pulls out his mobile phone. 

‘My phone,’ she requests.

‘I told you–!’ 

She cuts off his angry retort by digging her knees in farther, glares, and then shoves off him. She holds up the electronic triumphantly. ‘Well,’ she says and walks backward, ‘guess I’m telling Mum then, aren’t I?’

She doesn’t bother to see how long it takes him to recover before she does a one-eighty spin and basically flies up the basement stairs.”


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