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Saturday, June 24, 2017. Daily Brit Wit.



A knee-length waterproof rubber or plastic boot. Also referred to as Wellington boots or wellies.

“Her mum fusses over her and the little girl knows better not to whine in return. She yearns to go outside with the neighbourhood children to play in the rain. It took her and her dad the better side of a quarter hour to convince Mum it was perfectly fine to play outside. 

‘Put your wellingtons on, dear.’ 

She glances down at her legs. Then looks back up at her mother. ‘Umm, Mum?’ 

Her mother responds to her confusion before looking sheepish. ‘Daddy put those on?’

‘Helped yes,’ she amends. ‘May I please go outside now?’ 

Mum sighs. ‘Yes, all right.’ 

The little girl beams and throws her arms around her mother’s neck. ‘Thanks, Mummy!’

Her mum fixes her polka dot mackintosh and kisses her cheek. 


The little children’s laughter and delights shouts clash and carry like the thunderstorm that rolled through an hour previously. It also warms the mother. Their conversations are indecipherable. 

Of the six children, one little girl rides her bike through puddles while four laddies and the remaining girl stomp through puddles at the end of driveways in their Wellington boots. 

The pink polka dot mackintosh lassie on the bicycle switches with one of the boys without prompt. The girls decide it’s an excellent idea to chase the boys round through mud and water. The mother smirks from inside.”


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