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Saturday, June 17, 2017. Daily Brit Wit.



A prolonged stay in bed in the morning.

“Sleep and consciousness weave together, fighting for dominance and she keeps unnaturally still. Of course, once this realisation comes to pass, she’s aware sleep has alluded her. A frown toys at her lips, pulls her once smooth facial features into displeased creases. Her toes stretch first and the tug lazily zaps up the rest of her body. She whines. 

‘Wondered how long you’d fight it,’ a deep tenor rasps and sounds more awake than any being has the right to be so early.

‘Go ‘way,’ she mumbles and huddles into the duvet, throwing an arm over her face.

Her fiancé chuckles and shuffles around until his chin rests on her shoulder. ‘Please don’t go back to sleep. Let’s have a lie-in.’

She hums tiredly, attempting meditation to fall asleep. ‘Hmm…how about…let’s go back to sleep?’

‘You’re going to either way,’ he huffs out playfully. ‘We probably have twenty minutes before either the kids or the dog comes begging for our attention, anyway.’

She groans and half-heartedly tries to slap him. ‘Don’t remind me!’ 

His laughter is silent but she notices it as he’s pressing his chest to her back. ‘Think we can convince the little ones to participate?’

It takes her six inhalations before answering. ‘Yeah, if you tell them Mummy’s still asleep,’ she meant to say though isn’t certain how much comes out coherently. 

She doesn’t receive a reply. 

When next sleep nestles away into blossoming wakefulness, she’s got two little bodies cuddled into her sides and a dog sat on her feet. She blinks and finds her fiancé staring. Somehow lazy mornings always end with her bogged down and him free.”


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