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Wednesday, June 14, 2017. Daily Brit Wit. 



BRITISH term for bib overalls.

“She’s new to the school and unsure of the boisterous gaggle of teenagers surrounding her. Currently, they are at the local shopping plaza and she’s a blistered sunburn in a crowd of smooth tanned lines: the majority of the female students wears skirts and dresses or designer jeans, yet she’s in mid-thigh black dungarees sporting a maroon tee-shirt. She’s not certain why she allowed herself to be talked into the excursion, especially since she’s mostly tagged along behind the group.

As she slips her hand inside her pocket to grab her phone, two students, a bloke and probably his girlfriend, approach her. 

‘It’s Kara, yeah?’ The female student queries with a friendly smile. 

The girl, Kara, nods and returns the grin. ‘Yeah. You’ll have to tell me your names again, because I’m rotten learning new names and faces.’

The girl student laughs, loud like battle cries during laser tag. ‘Don’t worry about it. I’m Fran and this is Carlos. Would you like to head around with us? I’m getting bored.’

Kara nods. ‘Sure, I’d like that.'”


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