How to be British · Language


Tuesday, June 13, 2017. Daily Brit Wit.


Adjective, informal

Silly; foolish.

“He examines his brother critically as he paces the basement in a rush. The family dog lays half-on his lap, nervously watching his other human. On his brother’s next circuit around the room, the man shakes his head. 

‘You are daft to think she’d ever cheat on you!’ He spits out in exasperation. 

The dark-haired brother halts his pacing and returns the critical examination. ‘You’re mental!’ He hisses in defence. 

The first brother snorts and shakes his head, hand unconsciously scratching the dog’s ear. ‘I am not the one doubting my girlfriend of four and a half years of cheating,’ he grits out without screaming. ‘I am trying to understand your perspective. But she has never given you cause to doubt. Call her and apologise. Now!’ 

The younger brother and dog flinch at the harsh tone. After a moment, his brother nods and exits the basement.”


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