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Cream tea

Monday, June 12, 2017. Daily Brit Wit.

Cream tea: 


A meal taken in the afternoon consisting of tea to drink with scones, jam, and cream.

"She fusses over the delicate china, flowery and expensive, and edges the teacups into alignment. Then she groans.

'It's just family,' she mumbles while glaring at the china. 'Just Mum and Dad and George and Maria.' 

Before she can fully wind down her near anxiety attack, her doorbell buzzes. She inhales shakily. Before she can answer it, the front door opens and she knows it just had to be her brother George to arrive first.

An average height man with wild hair and smug smile waltzes in her living room. 'Hello, dear sister.'

'Brother,' the woman drawls and picks up the tea tray. 'Should have known you would have arrived first for cream tea.' 

George cackles. 'And miss out on your first social gathering as a homeowner? Never!' He takes the tray from her swiftly and eases it on the coffee table. 'Wow. You even broke out Gran's good tea set.' 

She elbows him and smiles in gratitude. 'Come help me with the scones, yeah?'"


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