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Boffin-Happy 50th Word!

Thursday, June 8, 2017. Daily Brit Wit.


Noun, informal

A scientist or technical expert; a person engaged in scientific or technical research; a person with knowledge or a skill considered to be complex. 

"His gait is long and unhurried, ambling from his biology classroom toward the lab. He smiles amicably at passersby and occasionally vocalizing his inquiries. He doesn't stop to chat, but does manage to walk backwards to finish a conversation with a professor before making the excuse he'll be late.

The laboratory door, number 326, is wide open as he draws near. His partners must have beat him. He ambles inside without slowing his pace, eyes roaming around for the three familiar faces. He spots Irena first and smiles genuinely as he approaches the lab bench.

'Hey, afternoon, Irena!' He greets and slips off his backpack. 'How are you?'

Irena glances over her shoulder, causing her pulled back dark chocolate hair to swish, and she returns his smile. 'Hello, Danny! Better now you're here.'

He mock jeers at her and they both end up snorting in amusement. Two new voices call out, and Danny waves at the remainder of their boffins for their senior project. Irena and Danny set up the equipment while Meg and Whitney unpack the supplies prior to assisting the others with setting up.

'Have we finished conducting our experiments for interactions or have we moved on to observations?' Whitney questions well fiddling with a microscope.

'Don't we usually do both simultaneously?' Irena asks deadpan, hip leaned against a desk and a playful smirk directed at her partner.

Whitney huffs while Danny and Meg high-five. Despite being assigned to the group by their thesis professor, the group is well formed with each person bringing a positive trait to the project. It also doesn't hurt they're all four top boffins in the biology and pre-Med departments.

Danny suggests conducting a final experiment and then discussing their findings. His partners look thoughtful and agree." 


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