How to be British · Language


Saturday, June 3, 2017. Daily Brit Wit.


Noun, informal

An advertisement.

“Three friends crowd around each other, the worn card table, and the Sunday Times stretched out between them. The young woman in the middle, blonde and wielding a red permanent marker, is focused on the columns. Her friends, ebony-haired twins, ping-pong between witty remarks and intense hovering. 

‘Do you think you’ll find your soulmate this way?’ One of the twins, Vicky by the sound of it, questions gleefully. She claps her hands together and wears a frighteningly large smirk. ‘Oh, how romantic! Our little Rebecca growing up at last!’ 

The blonde quits her perusal of the newspaper to glare. ‘I’m not looking for a date,’ she spits out the last word as if vomiting up venom, ‘in the adverts, you git!’ I’m searching for a potential flatmate because somebodies decided to attend university elsewhere.’ 

The twins snicker before Rebecca finishes complaining. The trills are infectious and all three end up cackling. Eventually, the blonde ropes in her friends to help continue the search for her not soulmate. She promises to return the favour if they decide not to room together.” 


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