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Thursday, June 1, 2017. Daily Brit Wit.



A single length of hair (or rope or other material) separated into three strands.


BRITISH to braid.

“Liz’s lips pucker, cheeks pinch, and eyebrows scrunch. She watches her sister flounder and accidential giggles escape. Carly finds Liz’s gaze through the bathroom mirror and matching cocoa orbs lock, one sister flummoxed and the other chuffed. 

‘Fine,’ sighs Carly and she breaks their staring contest. Her carmel tresses curtain her face. ‘Would you please help me plait Gianna’s hair?’ 

Liz’s grin finally breaks through. Her gaze flits from sister to fidgeting niece and she shakes away her good humour. She pushes off the wall and saunters over to stand beside Carly. The sisters fuss over the toddler for several minutes, each creating her own plait (after Liz demonstrated again). The end result is passable, Liz muses; and thanks to Gianna’s age, it can easily be excused away from the girl’s bounding around the house instead of her mother’s poor styling skills.” 


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