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Budge up

Wednesday, May 31, 2017. Daily Brit Wit.

Budge up


To move or scoot over.

“His children lounge on the sofa, one draped on either arm and the littlest boy small enough to stretch out over the middle cushion without prompting either older sibling to complain. He exhales. The children continue their morose expressions. He almost contemplates purchasing a puppy, but is quick to dismiss it. He’s not truly surprised the weather is keeping them indoors. 

‘I hate the rain.’ Payton, his firstborn and independent, diva daughter bemoans her misfortune. 

‘Not as much as I hate it,’ Jackson corrects on the opposite end and sends a scowl toward his sister.

He is deft to intervene before the siblings turn this pity-party into a screaming match. He nudges Logan, the littlest one in the middle. ‘Budge up, love,’ he instructs and to help Logan’s molasses movements he’s scooped up and planted on his father’s lap. ‘Let’s play three games here.’ He suggests. ‘Maybe if the rain eases up, then we’ll see if we can visit the park.’ He grins at his children.”


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