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Tuesday, May 30, 2017. Daily Brit Wit.


Noun, informal, usually in singular

A bad mood; a temper.

“My eyes track his erratic movements across our bedroom and I have to physically pinch the skin slightly under then above my left elbow to refrain from reacting. My husband is in a nasty strop and I have no desire contributing to it. I think he’s overreacting like a drama queen, but I keep the words to myself. Though, since he knows me so well, if he wasn’t in such a haze, I know he’d be able to read it in my bemused gaze. 

‘She’s fourteen!’ He groans, finally breaking away from his mutterings and tugs at greying locks. 

My lips purse in amusement and exasperation. ‘She is,’ I nod. ‘It’s just a small group date to the theatre, love. She’ll be fine.’

He grunts and makes his way toward me. A moment later his arms envelope my hips, head tucked into my neck, and hands buried in hair. ‘My little girl going on a date…,’ he sighs. 

I kiss his cheek a little awkwardly due to the angle and allow the silence to embrace us.”


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