friends · How to be British · Language · Tea time


Wednesday, May 24, 2017. Daily Brit Wit. 


Noun, informal 

Cup of tea.

“Five friends huddle around her sitting room, giggles and nervous twittering bounces off the walls. She’s in the middle of the group and able to see all equally without straining or seeming obvious. Her tea is cupped and cradled between her hands as her friends’ sit forgotten. She exhales and this slices through the chatter. 

‘Sooo…tell us about him!’ Her friend Erin, with pixie styled black hair, demands. 

She groans and glares at Erin. ‘There’s nothing to tell.’ She tries to play it off. 

‘Lies!’ Her friends cackle.

‘He’s…not really my cuppa,’ she replies into her own cuppa cradled between her fingers and grins. She glances up to see half her friends wearing matching grins and the other two looking at her like she wasn’t as hilarious as she thought.” 


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