How to be British · Language


Tuesday, May 23, 2017. Daily Brit Wit.


Noun, informal 

One pound sterling. 

“The two friends watch the scene unfold before them. The blond bloke is tense: spine rigid, fists clenched, and shoulders creeping up steadily to his ears. The ginger one isn’t as tense as his companion, though as his eyes lock on the flirting couple the two friends are spying upon, his thin lips pull upward. When the blond groans, the ginger bloke allows his triumph to spread across his cheeks and his left palm stretches out with several impatient wiggles. 

‘I do believe we agreed on hundred quid,’ the ginger friend intones, almost appearing bored and disinterested. 

The second friend growls faintly and for good measure shoulder checks the other as his hand slips out his wallet. ‘Pretty sure as agreed on fifty,’ he mutters. 

‘Be a good sport and be happy for Jimmy that he finally asked out Emily and hand over my quid, you git!'” 


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