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Torch–Happy 30th Word!

Friday, May 19, 2017. Daily Brit Wit. 



A flashlight.

“Mandy twirls the torch between her fingers and rests against an old oak tree. She’s on high alert, eyes sweeping across the backyard in search for her friends as well as fighting the urge to switch on her torch light. Game’s goal, after all, is to blend in with the night. They’re out in the country, which transforms the game entirely: night blankets Mandy’s family vacation cottage, partly cloudy and crisp, and city life is miles away. 

Her ears note a twig branch snap! to her left and Mandy sucks in a grin. She dances around the oak, behind it, before clicking on the torchlight in a repetitive flicker. She’s blocked by the tree but the light is positioned where her friend will see it.  Whichever friend is nearby falls for Mandy’s ploy and she shoves her fist to her lips to stifle her amusement. As soon as grass shifts roughly half a meter away, Mandy reroutes and sprints away. She’s not subtle with her movements, sincerely wishing to draw her friend out. Her friend groans behind her and attempts to follow.” 


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