How to be British · Language


Thursday, May 18, 2017. Daily Brit Wit.


Noun (pl. dustmen) 

A garbage collector.

“She stretches her right shoulder, mindful of the tender joints. She’s been out of the sling for a few days. The kitchen is a disaster. The master bathroom is a barnyard. The whole house is a war zone thanks to leftovers, boxes stacked to the ceiling, and sporadic furniture sticking out at odd places. She puffs out an exaggerated exhale and returns to packaging the china.

She’s glad her flatmates are gone, out buying more supplies for the move; because all they’ve done the last week is bicker. Plus, she’s the practical one of the three. She ought to be commandeering the piles for the dustmen. If it were up to her friends, they’d move the empty sellotape rolls and sell the china. Yes, it’s best she’s home alone.” 


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