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Friday, May 12, 2017. Daily Brit Wit. 


Plural Noun

(Also “jimjams” plural, informal

Those lovely clothing items one wears to bed, usually accompanied with a top and bottoms; the best part of the day. BRITISH for pajamas and/or pjs. 

“Four of them run around the house. All look alike in their own ways–thanks to black hair being genetic–but their heights and eye colors separate the three siblings from the single cousin. They are hyped up on sweets, pizza, and rapid-fire conversations (as if rattling off information at lightning speed would make up for the six days since they last saw each other). 

‘I’m counting to five,’ the mother hollers enough to be heard over the chatter. ‘And if you’re not in your pyjamas…’ she trails off threateningly, hoping it’ll, at the very least, scare her youngest son and her niece into action. 

Her eldest two groan out a harmonious chorus of ‘but muuuuuuum’ while her niece looks terrified, probably more at her elder cousins’ petulance instead of her aunt’s quasi-threat. Well, at least she hopes so. Her youngest son has his back toward her, but then he spins around and storms the staircase. 

‘C’mon!’ The lad yells over his shoulder. ‘Put your jimjams on and then we can play some more.’ 

The children brighten considerably at his declaration while the mother barely conceals her pained groan. Her son definitely has the attitude of a mini-tyrant (or soldier, too, for that matter) in the making. Nevertheless, the cousins bolt upstairs and the mother watches them warily.” 


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