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Sunday, May 7, 2017. Daily Brit Wit.



A sweet, fruit-flavored gelatin dessert; Jell-o

“She shifts in her chair carefully; well, as carefully as any six-years-old little girl knows how to fidget in an attempt not to draw her parents’ attention. The dinner plate before her is mostly clean: three small pieces of broccoli, a half-munched grape, and crumbs where her fish fingers sat. She grins and jerks her head up. 

‘Have I been good enough for a sweet snack?’ She questions when her papa meets her gaze. 

Her parents share a look. Papa grins back at her, cheeks bunched and eyes narrowed.

Mummy giggles and moves around the kitchen toward the fridge. ‘I made jelly,’ she states. 

The little girl’s eyes widen before she’s clapping, no longer concerned about keeping still as her mother returns with the brightly colored treat.”


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