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Friday, May 5, 2017. Daily Brit Wit. 


Mass noun, trademark

Transparent adhesive tape.

“The kitchen table is messy, according to her husband. She thinks it’s organized chaos. Well, she did while she was scrap booking. Now, her eyes flit across stamps to stickers to calligraphy pens to six piles of photographs in search of pink-handled scissors. She picked the color specifically for this reason: less likely to be lost. 

A few more glances at her piles, she finds them with a triumphant shout. As she contemplates the location of her newest addition in the blank canvas before her, she fiddles with the sellotape absentmindedly. Decided with the location, her fingers pick at the circular object and when it pulls taut, she groans. 

‘Love,’ she hollers, ‘we’re out of sellotape again!'”


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