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Thursday, May 4, 2017. Daily Brit Wit. 


Adjective, informal 

Bitterly disappointed or upset.

Verb, informal 

Cause (someone) to feel extremely upset or disappointed. 

“You sat hunched over on the sofa, shoulders bunched at your ears (but you haven’t registered the acute ache), head buried in your palms, and socked feet nearly imprinted in the beige carpet. If another person had watched you, then he or she would have exclaimed your steady trembling. But you’re lost within the confines of your mind: images flashed sporadically in bouts of greens, whites, and blues before swirling back to ‘why? why? why?’ chants of black to ‘answer your damn phone, would you?’ You were gutted before you knew the answer. Because somehow, illogically, improbably, you saw the accident unfold like spring awakens tulips cautiously and then with an immediate bang; the phone kept ringing ringing ringing and stopped. You expected a voice, a ‘hullo?’ not an ‘I am unavailable…’ tripe. You cannot dispel the soul weary gutting settling over you.” 


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