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Thursday, April 27, 2017. Daily Brit Wit.



Sickly; pale from illness or fatigue. 

“A young lad sighs dramatically as the school nurse watches him in amusement. He’s on the phone and the nurse can almost garner what his mother explains to him. She’s distracted by the end of the conversation when another little boy wanders into her office. She fusses over him. 

Eventually, the first lad disconnects the call and his head hangs down. ‘Mum says I can’t come home from school unless I look peaky,’ he exhales and mumbles his explanation to the nurse’s desk. ‘And even then, she says I’ve to be peaky and not act it.’

‘You certainly look peaky, but I know a mischievous lad when I see one.’ The nurse explains while glancing over at her first patient. 

‘Too bad you know the difference,’ he’s melancholy. ‘I wanted to go home.'” 


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