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Tuesday, April 25, 2017. Daily Brit Wit.


Noun, informal 

To suggest an activity is foolish and/or a waste of time. To do something for fun or an adventure; a merry, carefree adventure. A thing that is extremely easy to accomplish, obtain, or succeed in. 

“Billy is certain he goes to school only to hear the melodrama lark all the tossers he calls friends has to say. Yet, he ends up participating all the same.” 


2 thoughts on “Lark

  1. Loved your example!
    When “wankers” is not good enough, just toss in “tossers” for good measure!

    One thing bothers me, though. There’s something about the Brits and wanking, along with arses :-0 way too many expressions are dedicated to these… um, pastimes, if I may. Guess they got it from the French: cul, enculé, c’est dans ton cul, c’est bon à torcher mon cul, the list goes on.
    Yes, I also know French. Reading and listening are real good. Writing though is not as good as in English. It sure helps with understanding English better. Talk about language nerds!

    What are you going on about there? Your language lark again? Begone! Shoo!


    1. Heh. Well, much further down the line you’ll get the examples for both. But I’ll still tell you now since I’ll use both phrases periodically in others: the ‘pastimes’ in which you refer do have multiple meanings; thus, when I use them I’m using the non-literal terms, which refers to calling someone an idiot or stupid. Sometimes it’s entertaining trying to figure out if the meaning’s two-fold.

      Language lark has such an energetic vibe to it! 😃 I find I’m a quick study with different languages when it comes to reading and listening, as well; speaking it can be tricky.

      Thank you for such a great message!


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