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Monday, April 24, 2017. Daily Brit Wit.



Accident and emergency (equivalent to ER in the U.S.) 

“To my mum, our trips to A&E are the worst part of me playing football, especially if I’ve ended up with a concussion or broken bones. I fancy it another trip for badges of honour. Though, breaking bones is bloody awful.”


2 thoughts on “A&E

  1. In A&E:
    – What happened to this young lad? He looks… how does one put that, distressed.
    – A lad indeed. Ate a brolly and opened it up.
    – Blimey! It is not fun, that!
    – Did that for a dare, he. Then, a mate of his, told him to wash down paracetamol with vodka. Told him, the brolly would go away.
    – Awful lot helpful chap, his friend is. And then?
    – How’s that ‘and then’? We’re in A&E, by jove! Do something!
    – Paracetamol is out. He has tried it, weak results. Blast! A second brolly mayhaps?
    – Lord love a duck! You are proper impossible!

    I guess by reaching 100th post I’ll write a book or something.
    When on my own can’t write to save my life. Once I read something, it kind of goes through me, prompts me, gives a vivid image and boy, am I on fire!

    Thanks for the expression! Hope I won’t find myself in a dire need of using it :-0

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    1. Bravo!! What excellent impromptu scenes you’ve created! 😄 I tell myself that frequently: when asked if I have wrote or will write a book, then after I say that’s such a long term commitment, it comes to my attention with some many mini stories, I’ve practically written a book. Guess you’ll have to join the club! 🙂 I do suppose eating a brolly would land one in the A&E, no? Best stay away from such misadventures…ha!


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