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Friday, April 21, 2017. Daily Brit Wit.


Noun, informal 

An umbrella. 

“The sky hums in a deep baritone before the rain arrives, and she’s deft at locating her brolly tucked inside her purse.”


2 thoughts on “Brolly

  1. Brolly, huh?
    Brolly = umbrella
    Where’s the logic behind that anyway? Haha

    If I were to hear that word in a conversation, I’d be lost and confused, thinking that it is some body part that they are talking about :-0
    Live and learn, as they say 🙂
    Thanks for the word. I’ve made myself a mental note to use it, should I chance upon a Brit

    “That’s some bloody brolly you ‘ave there, mate! You doing alright?”

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    1. Oh, you’ve made me laugh!!

      I definitely was tripped up the first few times I discovered brolly. I use it so frequently now that the majority of my friends and family know what I’m talking about. Not all though; some will look at me like “what are you bloody well on about?!” 😄 Sadly, I haven’t a clue where the logic comes from. Perhaps it’s only me, but I think that’s where all the fun of it stems! 🙂


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